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Difficulty in transporting large copper parts

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What is called large copper piece , listening to the name we should know that it is a very large piece, because the material is copper, so the weight and volume will be very heavy and large.We all know that the larger the volume, the heavier the weight, then the transport will be more difficult, then we should how to transport. Dashan regular copper pieces packaging without fear of logistics, 15mm thick fumigation treatment of wooden boards, 3mm thick steel belt all-round fixation, 12cm high foot design, easy to forklift loading and unloading, without fear of logistics.Grass rope simple winding, easy to bump, grass rope winding looks very tight, in the transport certainly to bump, but also not easy to load and unload. Packaging inside the foam extrusion, leaving no gaps, the box width is also to the extent that it will not turn over to. Any one of these items will be delivered to your door. Because each large copper piece is of great value, we will make sure that the product reaches its destination safely.

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