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Graphite copper bushing lubrication material inlay

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What is a graphite copper bushing, it is a copper bushing as a substrate, and then punch holes in the substrate, add glue, and then inlaid with graphite grains, so a graphite copper bushing is made. Steps have been known, we do not feel that graphite copper sleeve is a very simple copper casting.

In fact, the casting of graphite copper bush is a kind of trouble, it casting each step should be processed in accordance with the sequence, in order to make out the finished product, any one step wrong, will cause the latter step can not be carried out, this is also the graphite copper bush weight is relatively light but will be more expensive than the all-copper material reasons.


Our graphite bushings are mainly used in high carrier, clearance movement or rocking movement. At this time we have to make full use of the advantages of graphite copper sleeve, maintenance-free, self-lubricating, so as to save the investment of labour costs.

Graphite copper sleeve material selection, we often use tin bronze, aluminium bronze and other degrees of matrix, the specific situation can also be based on our site and decide the choice of material, graphite copper sleeve is the main purpose to meet a variety of temperatures, loads, movement and media requirements, we can be based on these requirements and to decide the choice of material.

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