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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the tin bronze copper bush metal mold process

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After determining the metal mold casting process plan for the tin bronze bush casting, the metal mold design can be carried out. On the premise of meeting the casting process requirements, the structure of the metal mold for tin bronze copper bush castings should strive to be simple, convenient to process, safe and reliable, economical and reasonable, and easy to operate.

Content of mold design:

The content of the metal mold design of the tin bronze copper bush mainly includes the selection of the structure and material of the metal mold tin bronze copper bush casting, the core pulling and positioning design of the metal core, the locking of the metal mold, the mold opening mechanism, and the cooling and heating devices; If the metal mold is installed on the metal mold machine for casting, the fixing device of the metal mold on it should also be considered.


Structural form of tin bronze copper bush metal mold: 

The structure of the metal mold mainly depends on factors such as the structural shape and size of the casting, the location and number of parting surfaces, the type of casting alloy, and production batch size. According to the position of the parting surface, the metal mold is generally divided into integral, vertical, horizontal, and composite parting types.

The integral metal mold has a cavity that forms the entire shape of the tin bronze copper bush casting, and can release the casting from the cavity together with the gating and riser system without parting the casting. This metal mold has no opening operation, which is convenient to use, has good rigidity, is not easy to deform, is stable in size, and has a long service life; Simple shape, easy to manufacture.

The disadvantage of the metal mold process for tin bronze copper bush castings is its low productivity, which is suitable for small and medium-sized castings with simple shapes and large slopes.

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