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Copper Tile Bushing

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Copper sleeve belongs to the sliding bearing, because it with the use of lower sliding Mocha coefficient of material made of bearings and shafts between the face contact, so the scope of application is a large load, low speed parts, such as rolling mill and engine crankshafts, connecting rods, generally not used for high speed institutions, the so-called copper shaft for the so-called copper shaft tile commonly used in the Barnes alloy (copper-tin alloy tile), and now more than one use of high-tin aluminium-based alloy as the shingle! Reduce the coefficient of friction of the material, of course, there is also applicable to sintered copper alloy material made of copper bushings (overall copper bearings), or sintered copper bushings due to the structure of the porous oil can be stored for higher speeds may be a little better. Henan Dashan Nonferrous Metals is a large copper casting manufacturer specialising in the production of copper bushings, plain bearings and copper tiles.


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