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What are the smelting processes for processing bronze bushs

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The easily worn elements in processing bronze bushings include phosphorus, beryllium, aluminum, titanium, zinc, silicon, magnesium, and so on. When processing bronze bushing ingredients, these elements should be taken as the upper limit of the standard composition; Non consumable elements include copper, nickel, iron, tin, lead, etc. These elements can set the lower and middle limits of the standard composition for machining bronze bushings.

Introduction to Manganese Bronze:

Manganese bronze is melted in a medium frequency induction furnace with a magnesium oxide lining or carbon crystal crucible. Other bronze can be melted in a power frequency or medium frequency induction furnace with a silicon dioxide or magnesium oxide lining, but when smelting aluminum bronze in a cored induction furnace, neutral or alkaline lining should be used as much as possible.

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Introduction to Aluminum Bronze:

Aluminum in aluminum bronze is a strong oxidizing element that is easily oxidized during the smelting process, producing high melting point aluminum oxide and forming suspended slag that is difficult to remove. The effect of removing aluminum oxide with cryolite solvent is better, and the addition amount of cryolite solvent is 0.1% - 0.3% of the furnace charge amount, which is added in two stages.

In order to improve the hot rolling performance of QAl7 flat ingots, a small amount of manganese can be added, and the manganese content of the new material is 0.3%. Old materials are not added, but are added after all the furnace charges have melted.

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