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What are the casting processes for copper alloy, the raw material for copper bush

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The quality of copper alloy and castings is not only determined by the alloy material and the control of the melting process, but also related to the casting process. In a sense, the correctness of the casting process has a decisive impact on the quality of the casting.

The casting performance of copper alloy with copper bush is the basis for formulating the casting process. The following is a brief comparison of the casting properties of copper alloys.

Crystallization temperature range of the alloy:

Copper clad tin bronze has a wide range of crystallization temperatures, has paste like solidification characteristics, poor fluidity, and is difficult to feed, resulting in the formation of microscopic shrinkage and porosity. However, aluminum bronze and brass have a very small crystallization range, have shell like solidification characteristics, and have good fluidity, resulting in the formation of concentrated shrinkage holes. Therefore, large risers must be provided to fully feed.

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Segregation tendency:

Due to the wide range of crystallization temperature, tin bronze is prone to dendritic segregation, especially for phosphorus containing tin bronze; Due to the small crystallization temperature interval, aluminum bronze and brass are not prone to segregation. High lead bronze containing lead is prone to severe segregation.

The casting process of copper alloy copper bush has a significant impact on the quality of copper bush.

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