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What is the preheating method for processing the bronze bush metal mold

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How to preheat the bronze bush metal mold processing process during operation?

Heating in a box furnace. 

Good heating effect, no deformation of the mold. Suitable for medium, small, and metal types.

Directly heat the metal mold with a resistance wire.

It is characterized by convenient use, compact equipment, and freely adjustable heating temperature. Suitable for various sizes of metal molds.

Gas fuel heating. 

The characteristic is that the heating method is simple and convenient, but the temperature of each part rises unevenly, which can easily deform the mold and cannot accurately control and adjust the temperature.

Heating of liquid metal. 

Before formal pouring, first pour 1-2 castings and preheat the metal mold. This method is simple, but not safe, wastes metal, and damages the life of the metal mold.

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During the continuous pouring process, maintaining a stable temperature of the metal mold is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the metal mold casting. However, due to the fact that the heat absorption and heat dissipation of the metal mold are not equal during each pouring cycle, but the heat absorption is greater than the heat dissipation. As a result, the temperature of the metal mold must rise. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of production, it is necessary to cool the metal mold to maintain its working temperature within the normal range. There are two methods of artificial cooling: air cooling and water cooling.


The air cooling method is to increase the heat dissipation area on the back of the metal mold and accelerate cooling by pumping air. Forced convection with compressed air has a better effect. The ideal cooling effect is water cooling. Water cooling refers to directly producing a water jacket on the back of the metal, and passing water inside the water jacket for cooling.

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