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What are the types of crusher copper bush

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There are many types of crusher copper bush, such as bearing bush, machine copper rollers, and so on. Oil-free self-lubricating bearing bush are relatively suitable for heavy equipment and are a very important component of mechanical equipment.

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Copper Bush:

There are many names for copper bush, such as copper shaft bush and copper bushings, and there are many types of materials, such as brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, and lead bronze. Among them, the wear-resistant tin bronze bush has the bearing function of traditional products, because the tin bronze bush is a copper alloy made of electrolytic copper as the raw material and then added with other metal elements, and undergoes high-temperature sintering during the processing process, It is then processed by centrifugal casting, with high hardness and no defects on the surface. When used, it has good wear resistance and does not cause seizure. The overall casting performance and cutting performance are relatively good. If used in humid environments such as ships, it also has good corrosion resistance.


Because the above advantages of tin bronze bush are relatively obvious, they are widely used, such as bushs, bushings, bearing shells, sliders, and so on.

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