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What should be paid attention to when purchasing copper castings

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When purchasing copper castings, the following four points should be noted first:

The first is the design process of copper castings.

When designing, in addition to determining the geometric shape and size of the workpiece based on working conditions and metal material properties, it is also necessary to consider the rationality of the design from the perspective of casting copper alloy and casting process characteristics, namely, significant dimensional effects and solidification, shrinkage, stress, etc., in order to avoid or reduce the occurrence of defects such as component segregation, deformation, and cracking in copper castings.

copper castings

The second is to have a reasonable casting process.

That is, according to the structure, weight, and size of copper castings, casting copper alloy characteristics, and production conditions, select appropriate parting surfaces, modeling, and core making methods, and reasonably set up casting ribs, chill, risers, and gating systems. To ensure high-quality copper castings are obtained.

The third is the quality of raw materials used for casting.

The substandard quality of metal furnace materials, refractory materials, fuels, fluxes, modifiers, casting sand, molding sand adhesives, coatings, and other materials can cause defects such as pores, pinholes, slag inclusions, and sand adhering to the casting, affecting the appearance and internal quality of copper castings, and in severe cases, causing the casting to be scrapped.

The fourth is process operation.

It is necessary to formulate reasonable process operation procedures, improve the technical level of workers, and ensure the correct implementation of process procedures.

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