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What are the process parameters for pressure casting of tin bronze bushs

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Tin bronze bush pressure casting is also a relatively common processing process, in which pressure ratio is also a link. The specific pressure is the pressure exerted on the liquid tin bronze alloy per unit area in the pressure chamber. The specific pressure during filling is called the injection specific pressure, and the specific pressure during pressurization is called the pressurization specific pressure. The following factors should be considered when selecting the specific pressure.

1. Structural characteristics of tin bronze die castings. 

High specific pressure shall be selected for thin walled tin bronze die castings, and low specific pressure shall be selected for thick walled tin bronze die castings; High specific pressure is selected for tin bronze die castings with responsible shapes, while low specific pressure is selected for tin bronze die castings with simple shapes; Select low specific pressure for those with good process performance.

2. Characteristics of tin bronze die casting alloys. 

Select a high specific pressure for a large crystallization temperature range, and select a low boost specific pressure for a narrow crystallization temperature range; For tin bronze alloys with high density, choose a high specific pressure for injection and pressurization, and vice versa, choose a low specific pressure; Pressure injection that requires greater intensity is stronger than pressure, and vice versa.

3. Pouring temperature. 

When the temperature difference between the tin bronze alloy liquid and the die casting mold is large, the injection pressure is higher, and vice versa, it is lower.


4. Pouring system.

The runner resistance is large, that is, the runner is long and has many turns. If the inner gate thickness is small under the same cross-sectional area, both the injection specific pressure and the pressurization specific pressure can be selected to be higher; The heat dissipation speed of the runner is fast, and the pressure injection should be higher than the pressure, and vice versa.

5. Runner speed. 

The speed of the inner runner is high, and the pressure injection is higher than the pressure selection.

6. Overflow drainage system. 

The layout of the exhaust duct is reasonable, and the injection pressure is higher than the optional pressure; The cross-sectional area of the exhaust duct is large enough, and the specific pressure of injection and pressurization can be lower.

The injection specific pressure of copper alloy is generally selected as 50 MPa. For tin bronze die castings with high surface quality requirements, choose 50-80 MPa; The stressed tin bronze die casting shall be 80-100MPa. When selecting the specific pressure for injection molding based on the wall thickness and structural form, for tin bronze die castings with a wall thickness of<3mm, select 50MPa for simple structures, and 60MPa for complex structures; For tin bronze die castings with a wall thickness of>3mm and a simple structure, 70MPa is selected, while for those with a complex structure, 80MPa is selected.

The tin bronze bush pressure casting process is also a very important and common process, which can be used as a reference.

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