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How to Control the Injection Speed of Copper Bush Machining Using Pressure Casting Method

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How to control the injection speed of copper bush machining using pressure casting method?

The calculation method of injection velocity is to determine the filling time and then calculate it.

This injection speed is the minimum speed for obtaining the best quality, which can be increased by 1.2 times for ordinary copper die castings. It can be increased by 1.5-2 times when there are larger inserts or small castings are diecasted with large pressure molds.

Runner speed. 

The sprue velocity is the linear velocity at which copper alloy liquid enters the mold cavity through the sprue, also known as the filling velocity. Higher runner speeds, even with lower specific pressures, can rapidly fill the mold cavity with copper alloy before solidification, resulting in a casting with a clear contour and smooth surface, and improving the dynamic pressure of the alloy liquid. However, when it is too high, the copper alloy liquid fills the mold cavity in a mist shape, which is prone to entrapment of air to form bubbles, or adhesion to the cavity wall and subsequent entry of the copper alloy liquid are difficult to fuse, resulting in surface defects and oxidation inclusions, which accelerate the wear of the die casting mold.


Selection of runner speed. 

Due to the high speed of the inner gate, the internal structure of the die casting will exhibit porosity, and the mechanical properties will be significantly reduced. Therefore, when there are high requirements for the internal quality, mechanical properties, and tissue compactness of the casting, it is not advisable to choose a large inner gate speed. For thin-walled copper castings with complex structures and high requirements for surface quality, higher injection speed and runner speed can be selected. This speed has a certain impact on the mechanical properties of the die casting. The recommended runner speed for copper alloy die casting is 30-40cm/s.

The relationship between filling velocity and injection velocity. According to the principle of constant flow and constant volume, the volume of copper alloy liquid flowing through the pressure chamber at the injection speed is equal to the volume flowing through the inner runner at the filling speed at the same time.

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