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The role of flange copper sleeve

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The role of flange copper sleeve

The role of Friction Reduction

One of the primary functions of flange copper bushings is to reduce friction between moving parts. Made from copper or its alloys, these bushings provide a smooth surface for shafts or other components to slide against, thereby minimizing friction and wear.

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The role of Wear Resistance

Copper bushings are highly resistant to wear and tear. The inherent properties of copper alloys, such as high tensile strength and hardness, ensure that these bushings can withstand prolonged use without significant degradation. This makes them ideal for applications where durability is crucial.

The role of Heat Dissipation

Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, which allows flange copper bushings to dissipate heat effectively. This property is particularly beneficial in high-speed or heavy-load applications, where excessive heat generation can lead to component failure or reduced efficiency.

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