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copper application

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The application of copper has been widely used in today's society. According to its characteristics, copper castings are used in many equipment. Copper is malleable, corrosion-resistant, tough, and an excellent conductor of electricity and heat; alloys formed of copper and other metals such as zinc, aluminum, tin, nickel, etc. have new properties and have many special uses. Today copper has been widely used in home, industry, high-tech and other occasions. Copper is also one of the most renewable of all metals, and currently, recycled copper accounts for about 40% of the world's total copper supply.


Copper is used in various household equipment and appliances for the conduction of electricity and heat, in communication, water and gas transmission, and roof construction. Copper also acts as a fungicide to protect plants and crops. Alloys of copper, such as bronze, are used in the casting of works of art such as statues. Copper is widely used in electrical systems. Its strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance make it an excellent conductor for building circuits. It is also used as high, medium, and low voltage power cables, and is also a material for manufacturing motors and transformers. The International Copper Research Group pointed out that although optical fiber has replaced copper in some communication systems, copper is still the preferred material for the last mile or section. In personal computers and hardware, copper wiring cables are widely used. In roof construction, it pays to use copper for resistance to extreme weather. Copper exposed to this climate develops a patina (basic copper carbonate) that is characteristic of this application of copper.

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