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Copper bush manufacturers simply analyze the performance of copper bushs

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The role of the copper bush is very extensive. Copper is used for sliding bearings. The bearings are more than the normal amount of savings and can withstand greater loads. The copper bush, also known as the copper bearing, needs to be lubricated with oil. It is made of various copper alloys to lubricate mechanical parts. Used in various large and heavy machinery, it is an important component of machinery. It can be divided into: self-lubricating copper bush, which needs to be lubricated with oil; graphite copper bush, which does not need to be lubricated with oil.


As a copper bush manufacturer, our factory produces copper bushs with the following characteristics:

Copper bushs are oil-free or less oil-lubricated, and in some places it is impossible or difficult to apply fuel without maintenance or less maintenance and refueling.

The copper bush has good wear resistance, low friction coefficient and long service life.

Appropriate amount of elastoplasticity of the copper bush can distribute stress widely on the surface of the support to improve the bearing capacity of the bearing

In order to eliminate the static and dynamic friction of the copper bush, it is similar to the low-speed creep coefficient, so as to ensure the accuracy of the mechanical work.

Make copper bush machines to reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution and improve working conditions.


During the operation, a lubricating film can be formed to protect the grinding shaft without galling.

For the requirement of low hardness grinding shaft, it can be used in the case of dry aging treatment, so there are difficulties related to the processing of parts

Thin body, light weight, reduce mechanical volume.

Steel back, plated with various metals in corrosive media is widely used in various mechanical moving parts, such as: printing machinery, textile machinery, tobacco machinery, micro-motors, automobiles, motorcycles and agricultural machinery and forestry, etc.

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